Sunday, February 15, 2015


If you've not seen them, the patch notes for Tiamat are up.  Looks like Tiamat will hit us in 2 days on the 17th.  (And while I don't play D&D, I did watch the 80s cartoon as a kid and will forever associate the name with the picture above.  :)  ).

I'm pretty excited to see the Lore behind Drifters (new NPC faction) get revealed.  This story has been dragging a little bit, but that's probably just my nerd impatience showing. 

I scanned the patch notes as usual for impacts to burners and other missions.  I'll paste in the Mission-centric section and put some emphasis on the minor change to Anomic mission text.

  • A text issue in the mission Portal to War 1 of 5 has been fixed.
  • A typo in the mission The Test Of Competence - Utrainen's Reports (1 of 2) has been fixed.
  • A text issue in the mission Cliene Veine - Fixing the Problem (1 of 2) has been fixed.
  • A typo in the mission: Evacuation has been fixed.
  • A text issue in the mission: Balancing the Books 7 of 10 has been fixed.
  • An issue with the completion requirements with the mission 'Not Gneiss At All' has been fixed.
  • An acceleration gate is now named correctly in the Evolution agent mission.
  • Typo in Industry career path description has been fixed.
  • Typo in the Crimson Hand Supply Depot dungeon pop up has been fixed
  • Some NPC have had their security standing boost lowered.
  • In some cases NPC would get stuck on a object in Massive Attack, this has been fixed.
  • Small Asteroid Cluster dungeon contained overlapping Dark ochre this has been fixed.
  • Fixed a typo in agent text for mission 'After the Seven (4 of 5) "Ruse".
  • The mission text for the Minmatar version of "Anomic Team" now includes information about the Mjolnir Rockets that the Burner uses.


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