Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Workarounds on Patch Day

So I login to the laptop, and attempt to patch up.  Start the download an go off to do some shopping on Amazon, come back at 672kb of the patch complete and hung.

Hrm.  Not good.  Kill the process, try again.  Same thing.

I was reminded of this little trick.

In your main EVE folder there is an executable named RESCACHE.exe (caps for emphasis).  It will scan the shared cache file for missing and corrupt files and repair.  I had to do this on the desktop a few weeks ago and it worked fine.  Hopefully it will let me login so I can be a little social ingame.  I'm currently downloading 2+ gb, but that's better than a full reinstall.

Happy Friggin' Patch Day, and good luck to you.


Edit:  Looks like Rescheck worked, and I am logging in.

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