Monday, June 22, 2015

Best Laid Plans

So, I mentioned to Sugar in passing the other day that I haven't posted much because I've been running lvl4's and "hey, I've been running a lot of lvl4s" is a pretty short post.

She replied enthusiastically: "Well, you should post that!"

So I am.

Snort worthy comedy would end the post right there.  But in the spirit of producing something like actual content, I'll continue....

First things first, I've been running a lot of lvl4's lately.  Partially to try to get my arms around the Carnyx offer rates for burners (which still appear to be about 5:1) and partially to get more of the Burner BC offers.   Triple Talos is especially lucrative if done quickly.

But mostly, (mostly!) I'm doing it for the yummy LP and am looking forward to a large cash out in a week or two.

A few funny/random things:

  • After weeks of drought, I've had the Blood BC offer twice in the past 2-3 days.  Almost lost my Gila on the first run.  I had full aggro from the main baddie throughout the fight and managed to pop him at 20% shields.  I'd probably lost the Gila w/o the link ship.  Second run was cleaner.  Still fiddling with the fit and still plan to post an update soon-ish.
  • I've been offered the new Angel cruiser-sized burner once.  It hit me late at night and I didn't feel like stopping what I was doing to go fit a new ship, so I (gasp) declined it and kept rolling.  This of course means I'll never see it offered ever again.
  • I lost my first MTU.  I don't use them every run but prided myself in not leaving one behind yet.  At the end of a long session and the end of an AE4, I got back to station and realized I'd left my MTU in the last pocket and turned in the mission.  I could have gone and probed it down, but just bought another one.
  • A day later, I got a killmail report for the unlucky guy who found and popped my MTU.  Poor guy lost a Rupture to get a 10MN burner and 1x Metal Scrap.  Apparently I had looted it but not scooped it, and the stuff inside was from whatever wrecks I decided to leave behind.  I felt bad enough that I almost (almost!) sent him some isk as compensation.  
  • EVE Vegas travel plans have been made, broken, changed, and made again.  It's a long ways out still, but having at least that laying flat is one less thing to worry about while summer continues to kick my butt.*
Other Dog's Breath news:  My "big corp theory" post is still in draft form.  No ETA; it's been back burnered by real life* and a desire to shoot stuff in game.  

That's it for now...

(*) Note:  I'll maybe do a 'real life' post in the near future.  Nothing dire, but by late June things are usually starting to settle back down while the heat outside rises.  Between work and the weather, I'm far, far behind where I wanted to be, and I'm burning more of my time to catch up instead of playing video games.

What's Playing:  Alice in Chains, Jar of Flies, No Excuses

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