Friday, June 19, 2015

New Domi Model Preview

Confession time -- I've never flown a Dominix in anger.  I have to stop and roll my eyes around the room a bit and try to figure out if I've ever even owned one.  I don't think I have.  Mrs. Durden was always the Domi pilot and Drone Queen.  I was always more Caldari/Amarr based.

Anyway, there's a new Dev Blog up showcasing the potential Domi model.  It's pretty sweet.  Also in the works are Stilletto, Probe, Thrasher, Cerberus (shown), and the Gallente T3D.

In other news, I finally defeated the Blood Raider Anomic Base mission on the live server.  It took me 3 attempts (thankfully with nothing lost but drones and some pride).  The setup I used is identical to what I'd posted from sisi, but I swapped a 3rd Shield Extender for the afterburner.

It did require some different tactics, and the frigates that accompany him seemed to have a lot tougher tank than I remembered.

I'd like to run him a time or two more on live and then I'll post an update and fit here.

What's Playing:  Tool, Sober

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