Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Game Roster Rundown

Back on the old guild's forum, I'd post updates every so often as a rapid fire update per game title.  Haven't done it in awhile, so here you go:

WoW - Easy one first. Done, over, and not logged in at all this entire expansion. Never say never (I could see myself logging in some random rainy weekend and blasting a new character up through some levels for fun) but don't expect a triumphant return anytime soon.

Heroes of the Storm - Game launches tomorrow, I guess.  I've had beta access for quite awhile.  The click frenzy multiplayer game isn't my cup o' tea, but the tutorial was fun to play through.

Guild Wars II - There's an expansion coming soonish.  Honestly, the feature list that I've seen really isn't pulling me into the game.  I barely started the 2nd season's storyline before I burned out and left sometime last year.  I still recommend this game for anyone looking for a fairly old-school, big title MMO.  The game looks great; the amount of armor sets and dyes make the game fun.  The world exploration and dynamic event system is one of the best I've played.  But, the world exploration kind of stalls out around lvl50 and the last few levels are a haul.  At endgame, the content is either busywork daily questing, a grindfest wagon train of event farming, or a mess of reflex-testing combat mechanics in dungeons and storyline content.  The WvWvW pvp arena was an interesting concept, but running back from the spawn point repeatedly reminds me of the old Alterac Valley grinds in WoW.  I want to like this game very much for it's look and feel, but can't help but find reasons to not log in.

Diablo III - Last major effort was at the end of the 2nd ladder season.  Mrs. Durden has started a new Witch Doctor through season 3, but I haven't rolled anyone new yet.  I'm not sure what I'd play, honestly - the Wizard and Crusader are my favorites and I replayed them for S1 and S2.  D3 is a good companion for EVE as it lets me get my hack and slash, character building tendencies worked out without it affecting EVE.  The game does get grindy if you farm a bunch of bounties, but as an occasional game to jump into and kick some demon ass, it works very well.  I especially like Act I, as it reminds me of fun times in Diablo II.  It's a bad time of year for me to be playing two different titles (D3 + EVE) and so this one has to go on hiatus.  It's nice that it doesn't cost anything beyond the box shelf price, so I can pick it up and run when I feel like it.

EVE - I just resub'd my main account for 12 months.  I expect to be here, killing burners and rambling about crazy things for the foreseeable future.  I just hit a reasonable milestone in terms of my personal wealth, so it's time to set my sights higher and perhaps flesh out some of the blank spots in my ship museum.

And that's what I am (and what I'm not) playing at the moment.

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