Sunday, June 7, 2015

Survey Closing

I'm back at the PC after a hectic weekend including out of town visitors (her parents), unexpected out of town visitors (my parents, who invited themselves down at the last minute), and the triathlon (which overall went well).*

I started a post to run through the Survey results, but thought that I'd give a 24hr warning to anyone that hadn't taken it yet.  So here's this post instead:  I'll be closing the survey a little after this time tomorrow.

Thanks to those who've spent the time to take the Corp survey; if you haven't the link is here.

In the mean time, I'm running more lvl4s and beginning to tolerate the new icons.  I still think they stink, but it's not going to keep me docked up while I pout.

*Tri info:  Mrs. Durden did well despite a rocky swim and finished around her target time.  She was hoping to improve her bike avg speed and did so.  She held out on the run and got a good time, and her Dad was there to take pictures and enjoy it with her (he hadn't been to one of our races yet).

My swim was strong and went well.  I fought my wetsuit (which has now happened 2 out of 3 races with it) and am thinking of cutting the sleeves off of it (imagine swimming with large rubber bands on your arms).  Despite that, I hit last year's time almost exactly while getting out of the water in overall a more composed state.  Transition was fine, if a little slow.  Bike hit my time for last May's race but slower than last June's.  First lap I was on fire and felt great, and passed a few slower guys.  Second lap my legs threatened to cramp the last 10 miles and I couldn't push and my average speed came crashing down.  It was a cool day and I'd opted not to take my anti-cramp tablets in the transition.  Was a bad decision that cost me.

Which is why I love multi-sport events.  The variability of the course, the number of small decisions that can make or break a race.  It's all a puzzle that needs to be solved.  Yesterday I chose to save a few seconds in the pit and it cost me minutes on the course.  I'm not mad or disappointed because my time is still where I have been and I took 1st in my age group (of 2, hah!) - but I'm going to need to solve the puzzle better if I'm going to improve my time.  I'll return to the same course in September for a rematch.

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