Friday, December 19, 2014

Twenty Free Days

In case you missed it, part of this year's Christmas gift from the elves at CCP includes 20 days of free multi-account training.  Skip to the bottom of the dev blog and check the link.

Best I can tell, this activates a 2nd character's training queue on your account. I didn't see that I could turn on the magic skillpoint stream for the 3rd character.

So that made for some impromptu chin scratching.

I run two accounts.  First account was easy -- Aba's account has almost always been training Aba.  He's my main; if I am playing EVE he his generally logged in.  The sum total of logged in time for the other two characters wouldn't span the duration of a feature film.  But Free is Free, so I grabbed the Amarr alt and got him set up to get most of the way towards Interceptors.

I like Interceptors, and when you need an alt scout somewhere in a hurry, the Malediction is a great way to do it in style.

The second account made me think more.  This account has 3 characters, all with some training.  Alt M has the most skillpoints and by default has the active skill queue.  Alt Z is skilled into a lot of Gunnery and Tanking skills for the days when I used to run Incursions.  I hovered over Alt Z for a split second, but thought "nah, she's basically done; she does what she was intended to do."

Third character is a lowsec trader and scout.  Most recently I have run him around doing lowsec courier missions, just for giggles (starting standings from scratch meant doing lvl 1 couriers in low).  I've always wanted to take him to one of the Pirate NPC 0.0 areas and run couriers for them.  He was likewise pretty close to Interceptors, so I started there.  That consumes about half of the free days.  I'll burn the remaining six pushing for Recon ships.

I probably would have done that anyway, but Sugar pointed us towards the Recon Rebalance thread.  Sounds like Recon could be a thing come January.

Happy Training.

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