Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Rhea

Rhea launched this week.  Other than not being able to find ANY of my station icons thanks to the new UI, I like it.

The new gfx engine kicks ass.  My Sacri looks all mean, like a ship named Sacrilege should.  Some ships came out better than others of course; my Astarte link ship now has a lot of brown apparent on it.  It's tolerable, but who paints a ship brown?

Dig the new Sacri render

The supernova (or whatever) is growing much more quickly now.  If you haven't seen it, check the sky where you live.  This forum thread is also keeping an animated gif of the star each day.  Will be interesting to see where this story goes.  I like that it's unfolding rather slowly.

I went looking for the new Paladin and Golem skins in the AUR store but don't see them.  Maybe they didn't make the cut for Rhea?  There is a ton of new clothes, I may need to play Ken-doll with Abavus and give him a new look.

The Guristas Worm burner popped for me last night.  I was tired, so I waited until this morning to take him on.  He's one of the more challenging burners for me at the moment, but I find that he's one of my favorites.  The need to maneuver and tackle before the fighting really starts makes a big difference.  As I jumped into the pocket I was vaguely afraid of ninja nerfs to my burner fits or burner AI, but it appears the Daredevil and Worm burner both went untouched.

We're getting ready to host some family, and have been scrubbing the house for out of town visitors, so haven't played as much as I'd like.  Hopefully next week I can do some more exploration.

What's Playing:  The Black Keys, the iTunes Sessions, Howlin' For You

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