Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Moment of Silence

Happy Rhea day!

My client is updating as I type, which at my connection speeds means I may be able to play again sometime in 2017.  Or maybe after dinner.

In the mean time I wanted to announce some sad news:  I lost Xevozz, the Heretic last night.  This ship was previously featured as a crazy fit experiment back in June.  I was doing some Cosmic Anomaly sites trying to get an escalation to pop.

Yes, a little bit of exploration for the lvl4 grinder; figured I'd try some out.  The Heretic seemed like a fun way to do them - nimble, decent dps, and a ship that I don't fly as often as I'd like.  I upgraded the rigs and ammo to tech2 but otherwise left the fit from June intact.

And yes, kind of a dumb fit; using a hull intended for something else entirely in a mildly inappropriate way.  That was kind of the point.  The loss itself wasn't really anything to be proud about.  I looked away at the wrong moment and pow, the Angels had their way with them.  I grabbed the Sacrilege, murdered the pocket and looted my wreck at least.

So, a moment of silence, please.  This was a good ship that died doing what it loved best.

The death isn't the fault of the ship.   He deserved a better pilot.

(Mental note: do a blog post about naming conventions for ships).

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