Monday, December 29, 2014

One Hundred

This is my one hundredth post, not including a few in the drafts bin.

Not bad for a blog intended to mostly ramble about the state of EVE's PVE and the fact that evil evil CCP was paying no attention to it.

Oh wait, then we got 2 rounds of expansion content in the form of Burners.  And changes to exploration.  And the Mordus and SOE ships.  And evolutions on the UI.

This blog has not turned out the way I expected, and as these things go I think that's a good thing.  I've certainly learned a ton in the last 6 months, and hope to continue that trend as we drift into the new year.

We're in the midst of a holiday season so I'll keep this one short.  Thanks to everyone for reading, and I'll continue to try to not waste your time in 2015.

// Abavus Durden

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