Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Medicine Haze

I was scheduled to work today, but thanks to a nasty head cold that ambushed me last night, I am sitting at my PC at home in my PJ's.  I'm nursing some coffee and then will decide if I have the will to eat.

I had just started typing something semi-incoherent about Standings and the PVE Soundingboard that the CSM hosted earlier this month.  I got three paragraphs in and wasn't sure where I was going.

Thank you, cold medicine.

Let's to this instead.

Here's a preview of 3 things I'm working on around here:

  1. I still need to wrap up the Resolutions series.  Unless I get greatly inspired, the next post will hit on/around 1 Jan and will probably be the last for awhile.
  2. I'm working on Cruiser skills and poking through some of the hulls I've forgotten about.  Exploration/Anoms are a good way to do this.  Other than some sporadic Logi duty, most of my time in a cruiser for the past decade has been in the Sacrilege.  For many years I didn't fly anything smaller than a BC, and of course lately I've been mostly in the Golem or killing burners in frigs.  Now, I love the Sacri, but if Cruiser-sized burners ever become reality, I need to be a little better rehearsed.  This has already fed one post on the blog and will likely spawn a few more.  The help and comments you guys have provided are already helping, so thank you.
  3. Burners.  I'll owe my monthly stats update in a few days.  My fits and strategies have generally stabilized, although I'm still missing the Team Enyo.  I may need to change regions and see if I can get him to spawn.

There are a few other drafts knocking around in the bin that I need to dust off and see if I'll ever post.  Half finished thoughts, and a rant or two.

What's Playing:  The Black Keys, Live at KCRW, Next Girl

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