Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Packing for Vegas

It's time.

This week has been a mad blur.  I spent the last day in my old office on Friday.  I left the office, put the last of my cubicle crap in the house and then drove 3 states away for a wedding (was a "destination wedding" at a reasonably popular tourist area).  Got in well after midnight Friday, spent the day Saturday shopping and wedding-ing.  Drove back Sunday, crashed into bed ... started new job on Monday.

New job is going fine, but I'm drinking from a firehose and I've come home each night exhausted.

We decided at the last minute to have a friend check on our cats (they're 16 and 18 years old, respectively), and that means we get the added bonus of cleaning the house a bit (not that we're slobs, but I really haven't been home much since Labor Day to care about more than the bare essentials; some might say 'who cares' ... well, I do. :)  ).

We have an o-dark-early flight tomorrow, but the flight is at least direct.  We'll be on the ground in Las Vegas in time for a late breakfast followed by a free day on the strip.  Will spend the evening watching the Bellagio fountain while trying desperately trying to stay awake after our early wake up and timezone changes.  Will swap hotels to the Planet Holleywood on Friday around the time that registration for the EVE event starts, and maybe have lunch with my sister-inlaw who happens to be there on business this week.

I'm only sitting here at the PC while my boarding passes and other essentials hum off the printer, then I'm going to scramble out and try to remember the 12 things I've no doubt forgotten to pack.

I am looking forward to some down-time, and sleeping in, and perhaps an adult beverage or two.  And EVE.

Cya on the other side... // Abavus

What's Playing:  TOOL, Aenima, Jimmy

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