Friday, October 16, 2015

How to Spot an Abavus in the Wild at EVE Vegas

I don't do social media and generally don't post my picture online.  Long story.

But, if you are reading this and you'll be at Vegas for all the EVE Glory, I'd like to talk to you.

I can't make any promises about after-hours activity.  As luck would have it, my sister in-law (who is non-nerd and mighty confused about a "video game convention" but we love her anyway) will also be in town for work, and we'll no doubt spend some time with her as our schedules permit.  I also got show tix for Mrs. Durden up at one of the other hotels and will probably vanish during the keynote.  But during the day I plan to be in and around the EVE Vegas halls as much as I can possibly stand.  

So, how to spot me: I'm a fairly normal looking white guy, fairly tall at about 6'3" and more gray hair than I'd like.

Day 1 - Friday - I will be wearing a bright blue (I dare say NEON BLUE) FOO FIGHTERS shirt.
Day 2 - Saturday - I will be wearing a dark gray FOO FIGHTERS shirt.
Day 3 - Sunday - I will be wearing a bright/lime green TwinSix shirt with a winged bicycle wheel logo on the chest.

So that's my plan - wearing bright clothes. (My genius is sometimes astounding.) Hopefully it will be enough to spot me in the sea of guys wearing a black howling triple wolves shirt or whatever that meme was.

Looking forward to chatting with many of you and putting some names with faces.

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