Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hello October

I started this post as a September Wrap Up.  The ninth month came and went with a fury, and I find myself left running around chasing pieces of my life like a herd of cats.  A herd of wild, angry cats.  On fire.

However, writing about it - while cathartic - really isn't all that interesting for a video game blog.  Select all - Delete.

Let's try this again.

I ran my first Lvl 4 mission today since July 31st.  That alone was a major accomplishment.  I've been in and around the game, tending to things that I could tend to (skill queues, my bpc collection, and chatting up old friends), but I hadn't actually undocked to do anything involving spaceship combat in weeks.

I will still be busy in October.  Very busy.  I'm switching jobs, we're going to EVE Vegas, and I have a mountain of chores to do around our 10 acres.

But I also hope to shoot things.  :)


  1. I hear you own chores around the house - especially with land. This week, tree down, firewood. Ow my back. Hopefully see you in Vegas :)

    1. This is my favorite time of year, so I'm mildly frustrated by all of the competing requirements on my time this year (most of which is my doing, but I can still complain I guess. :) ).

      Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully many others from the eve-blog world.

      I'll post as we get a little closer with some hints on how to find me in the crowd. :)

  2. Yeah, it'll be fun - was in Vegas 3 weeks ago for work and it'll be weird to be back. Am on twitter @splatus. Looking forward to see everyone. :)


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