Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ships That Should Be Ingame

I've started this post intending to outline a top 10 list of ships that should be patched in.  Hulls I've wanted, or ships I've seen around and would like to try.  It's sat in the dustbin as a draft for awhile because I could really only come up with two.

This is one of those posts where I feel like I'm going to show some ignorance. I'll type up my wish list and someone will say "noob, try an XYZ, been in game for years."

But, I need either publish this post or delete it... so here they are:

2.  Kestrel Navy Issue - Put it somewhere between the Garmur and Navy Hookbill in stats and bonuses.  Give it the Kestrel model, not the Manticore.  The Kestrel is one of those ship models that I've always loved (the other being the Megathron) since the days of beta.  I mined omber in Niyabainen (yes, there was omber in Niyabainen during beta and shortly after launch) in order to buy a Kestrel.

I was mighty disappointed when I finally hit the ~165k isk I needed only to realize it had no friggin' turret mounts and I had no missile skills.  (It's ok, my cat had heard me swear before that and plenty since).

I've been working on a Kestrel fitting for my alt to use as an el-cheapo Team Burner supporter, and am happy to have a few Kestrels in my hanger again.

1. Khanid Apocalypse - Armor tanking, missile throwing, stealthy black death.  The Apoc was the first Battleship that I bought.  I still have the large sized Apoc poster hanging on my wall, circa 2005 (professionally framed).  The model in the poster is of course no longer in game, but Apocs are Apocs.

I bust out my Navy Apoc from time to time for a fun lvl4, but missile ships are where my heart truly wants. Please, oh please, give us a Battleship-sized Sacrilege. 

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