Friday, June 13, 2014

Playing Favorites

This is in no particular order, and just for fun:

1. Favorite Playable Faction - Caldari.  Hyper-militant greed machines.  What's not to like?  :)

2. Favorite NPC Faction - The Jove.  I guess that's a trendy answer, since they're the mysterious off-stage power block.  I wouldn't have given them as this answer (instead, I might have said Guristas; have always liked the story of Fatal and the Rabbit) until I read EVE: Source.  It reminded me of all kinds of cool things about the Jove that I'd read about at/around launch and then forgotten.

3. Favorite T1 Frigate Model - Kestrel. One of the truly great ship models that was around at launch that hasn't changed much with time.

4. Favorite T2 Frigate Model - Malediction. If Ferrari is still in business 15,000 years from now, they'd build this.

5. Favorite T1/T2 Cruiser Model - Maller/Sacrilege.  Have spent a lot of time in these durable hulls.  I somewhat liked them better before the model got overhauled, but they still look great today.

6. Favorite Faction/Pirate Ship Model - The Nestor is too young to make a list like this, but I like it.  Of the ships in my hanger, the Navy Mega gets the nod.

7. NPC Ship I wish We Could Fly - Khanid Apoc, ship model as seen in EoM Gone Berserk (lvl4).

8. Favorite Weapon Platform - Missiles for flexibility/utility.  I run blasters in Fleets (esp Incursions), though.

9. Shield or Armor Tanking? - Typically run shield fits, somewhat prefer armor.  Grass is always greener, I guess.

10. Favorite Ship Model - Runner up is the Apoc. Nothing like seeing a big fleet of Apocs and Armags dropping from warp, ready to melt some faces for Honor of the Empire.  But overall, my favorite big ship model is the Rokh.  Hands down.  It's the friggin' Sulaco from Aliens, all business, plenty of menace; a big chunk of blue steel that you mount guns, more guns, and then extra guns to.

Now that I mention it, I wish there were a Faction Rokh that I could add to the collection.  Maybe the Guristas need to steal the plans or something.

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