Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Burners mk2

CCP Fozzie posted a dev blog today showing some of the initial stats for Burners mk1.  The data is interesting, to say the least.  I'll ponder it over the next day or three and will be back with more thoughts.  (As I am posting from my phone, I'll save the heavy typing for later.)

One stat that bothers me is the stated 85% decline rate by missioneers.  Only 15 out of 100 burner mission offers get accepted.  I expected the decline rate to be high, but not that high.

The second edition for Burners (which I have dubbed "mk2") includes an NPC assault frig supported by two logistics friends.  Sounds fun to me, personally.  But, will the decline rate be higher for the more challenging edition?  Probably. Makes me wonder what an acceptable accept rate is....

And no, I still haven't seen my 2nd burner mission offer yet. I'm beginning to hate the rng gods.

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