Thursday, September 4, 2014

Burner Upgrades

Burners aren't perfect.  We can probably agree on that.  CCP has stated that they would like the expand the concept to other ship classes (which I think is a great idea at face value).  However, there's also more that could be done with Frigates.

These are in no particular order and are just my random musings:

  • One of my gripes from yesterday: Burners are too short.  Per the original dev blog post, this is somewhat intentional.  And I'm not advocating adding an intentional timesink (although a separate class/tier of lvl4's called Expert Missions in parallel with Burners would be outstanding).  But keeping with the theme of emulating 1v1 pvp in a lvl4 mission, you could tack on just a little more and have a more satisfying experience ... maybe an appetizer to the main event.  For example, put a (much less challenging) frigate or two at the acceleration gate.  Or add an intermediate room with a Burner Lieutenant, before the final room with the "real" Burner.
  • Burner-Lites.  Maybe level 3 Burners.  I'd like something that can be done with tech1 frigs and meta4/t2 loot (non-faction).  Lower risk, lower payout.  The current burners are pretty harsh (in my view, appropriately so), but a lvl3 version might be fun for lower skillpoint characters.
  • Burners On Demand.  I don't think a dedicated Burner agent is a great idea; implications of farming are pretty horrendous.  But a scheme where "On Demand" means "for a cost" then maybe it's better balanced.  Would you pay your agent 5,000 LP to locate a Burner for you?  10,000?  Would you maybe schedule some friends for "Corp Operations" around a group chain of Burners?  As a former Corp Party Planner, I'd have loved that kind of content.
  • Separate out the Burner Mission like a Storyline mission.  If I am running lvl4's and I am offered a Burner, right now I either decline the Burner and keep grinding, or I stop what I'm doing and get set to do the Burner.  Some players will decline just so they can keep grinding.  Other players will decline because they don't want to be dead in the water (at least with that agent) until their friends login or travel to help.  Some of those players will get the Burner, decide they want to run it but can't/won't run it right that moment and will logoff for the night.  With PCU numbers the way they are, don't give me a reason to logoffski, let me set aside the content until I'm ready. Personally, I'd rather get an evemail from a different agent saying "We've got a special problem that needs a pilot with your skills..." and let me deal with the Burner when I have time.  

That's it for now.  Thanks for looking into my brain with me.

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