Saturday, December 19, 2015

YC117 Pod and Planet Results

I am on the road for holiday shenanigans, but would be remiss if I didn't post to acknowledge that the Pod and Planet results have come in and winners have been announced.  I am surprised and honored to have won the Humor category this year. 

All of the stories are linked here on the Pod and Planet page.  Here are the results:

Grand Prize
Voodoo Williams, "A Spider in Her Web"

Eight Thousand Suns in New Eden (Lore-Based Stories)
First Prize
Sugar Kyle, "Cortex"

Second Prize
Rhavas, "Decoherence"
Callista Dallmore, "The Gate"

Third Prize
Tiberius StarGazer, "Different Bodies"
Niden, "Rapture"
Nomistrav, "He Saw Infinity"
Torsnk, "fleet logistics"

A Day in the Life (Gameplay/Freeform Stories)
First Prize
Archangael/Jason Jones, "The Best Sport"

Second Prize
Oreamnos Amric, "Blood Frenzy"
Tom Hawkins, "The Hunt"

Third Prize
Rhavas, "Emergence"
Tom Hawkins, "Fabled Beauty"
Yuri Serafim, "Split Decision"

Other Things Just Make You Swear and Curse (Humor)
First Prize
Abavus Durden, "The Allure of the Damsel"

Second Prize
Drackarn, "Into the Breach"

Third Prize
Sleightz, "From Riches to Riches"

Honorable Mention (from all categories)
Islana Deepsorrow, "The Proteus: LC-K-114"
Drackarn, "The Journey"
Islana Deepsorrow, "The name of the capsuleer"
Da'iel Zehn, "Infiltration"
Dirk Magnum, "A Code Like No Other"
Sera Kor-Azor, "Ole' Time Religion"
Regalas Davaham/Ben C., "Stargate"
Rusty Boon, "A Longing for Loss"

Thanks to Telegram Sam and all the judges for making this kind of event happen. This is the kind of community event that makes me proud to be part of EVE's culture. The creativity and drive of community members has been present since before the game launched and is a big reason we are all still here.

Thanks to all the donors for the enticing goodies that make this particular event fun.
I also want to thank DireNecessity  and Sugar Kyle for some infectious enthusiasm when it came to the contest. 

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  1. Your win was well deserved. It was a fun piece. Congrats!


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