Thursday, November 5, 2015

EVE Economic Data Dev Blog

Attempting to link from my phone. Bear with me.

One of the sessions at Vegas that I personally enjoyed most was the economic report.  The corresponding dev blog is now up. A quick scan suggests this is the same data and dialog as presented in Vegas (I.e. not updated data).  But its an interesting read, and I'm sure will stoke the fires on some of our "favorite" debates.


  1. Yah, nothing new though it does have the advantage of not having to squint and lean forward. I, for one, was living on the edge during that presentation. No, really . . . I almost fell out of my chair!

    1. Hah, yah. One of the truly comical parts of the brief was getting played by CCP Quant. He puts up an eye chart, the ENTIRE crowd squints and leans forward as one. Quant says casually, "oh, here, let me blow that up for you."


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