Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sniffing Glue

After GenCon last weekend, this week has been a blur of youtube videos, game shops, and art supply stores trying to get the basics assembled to paint my copy of Shadows of Brimstone (SoB).

As I mentioned earlier, I picked up SoB: City of Ancients (one of two core sets) and the expansion, Caverns of Cinder at the 'Con.  I bought them realizing that the minis would require some assembly and possibly painting, but did not expect a) for it to be THIS much work and b) to spend an entire weekend on it. (That's a statement both about my ability to add steps [i.e. more detail] to as well as the amount of work there truly is).

I'll have a more detailed post sometime down the road, but here's a work in process shot of my Spiders.  There are a total of 12 of these little bastards; for a sense of scale, the body is about the size of a smallish green olive.

At the point I write this, everything is now assembled and the first wave of figures are headed towards final shading.

In the mean time, you may see some side bar content coming and going as I sort through some of the Minis/Painting blogs.

Light amateur paint job, before final shading.

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