Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sniffing Glue II

I am still working on the Shadows of Brimstone assembly.  We still haven't played yet.  My assembly efforts are slowing as I'm pressed with other stuff around the house and a pending visit from my parents this weekend.  But as I type, I'm somewhere around 13 hours invested, generally 20 or 40 minutes at a time (I am a nerd, I keep track of these things).

At this point, everything is assembled and scraped.  Everything in the core set has a base color down, and all but the Golem (end boss) have had their detailing and final shading done.  Next step for most things is to glue them to their little black bases (I'm doing that part out of traditional order).

I am ignoring the Cinder expansion, as well as a couple of things I bought from the web store that will likewise need assembly.  One thing at a time, and I'd really like to PLAY the darn game before I get lost in a haze of acrylic fumes.

Anyway, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  I'm a novice at this - my first attempt at miniature painting - and I am quite happy with the results.  They're a little difficult to photograph with indoor lighting and a cell phone, so trust me when I say they look a little better in person.

Night Terrors - Shaded

Strangler - Shaded
Not this weekend, as I'll be busy, but I'm hoping that by next weekend I can share the entire Army in all its glory on a mock board map ready to slug it out.

What's playing:  Alice in Chains, Facelift, Bleed the Freak

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