Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CSMX Fall Summit - Minutes Day 1

If you weren't aware, our CSMX Reps are currently at CCP HQ for the Fall summit.

Minutes from Day 1 are available here.

I typically tackle Minutes in a few waves - right now I'm in the mode where I hit ctrl-F for search and look for interesting keywords.  I'll read for content later once more of the content is available (and if things are slow at work).

Note that the words* 'burner,' 'gank,''agent,' and  'pvp' and 'mining' do not appear in the document at all.  Neither does 'Abavus' ... hah.

The word 'mission' appears once, in context of what to do with attribute implants should attributes be removed (something mission runners expend their LP on is attribute implants).  'LP' appears only in that same conversation.  The word* 'pve' appears once in context of pending PVE additions to null that are still NDA'd.  'Incursions' were mentioned once, regarding potential impacts from IGB changes.

This isn't a rant about lack of content for any particular platform/activity. They have a multi-day agenda, and some/all of these things will be discussed later I'm sure.  It's just a quick way for me to scan and see if any of my interests are being discussed.

Note that I wasn't able to load the PDF and then search in it via Chrome.  I'm working from the full text version.

*I know pvp and pve are acronyms. :)

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